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To read the morning newspaper in Britain today is to trudge through reams of dissent and disapproval with a worldly air of cynicism and self-importance. It is almost as if we rebel against the notion that things may be running smoothly. No—we must mark our target, cock our razor sharp tongues, and take aim. Our voices ring with pilfered authority, echoing judgmental and mistrustful opinions that may not have a basis. Any motion to improve a situation is always met with harsh criticism from the masses, and voices to the contrary are drowned out. Nothing can be accomplished correctly.

Ungratefulness in society is perhaps human nature. Schopenhauerʼs pessimistic ideology, ‘the world is essentially bad and ought not to be’, has its traces in society, but these are obscured by short-lived appreciativeness for what we have. Should everything in our lives give us cause for complaint? We are languishing in the epitome of a lose-lose situation—there will always exist opposition to any idea. Larger moves for change may be justified in eliciting this reaction, since change is unpredictable and frequently risky. As the recipients of change and those who will bear its consequences, we are vindicated in brandishing our own (or borrowed) opinions.

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